About Us

About Stittsville Aviation Services

Welcome to Stittsville Aviation Services, a hobby-fueled company dedicated to preserving the rich history of aviation through aircraft projects, aircraft memorabilia sales, and aviation photography.

At Stittsville Aviation Services, we understand aviation's important role in shaping our world and society. That's why we're committed to bringing the beauty and wonder of aviation to life through our aircraft projects, which aim to restore aircraft to their former glory while preserving their historical significance.

In addition to our restoration work, we also offer a wide selection of aircraft memorabilia for aviation enthusiasts of all kinds. From model planes to parts from decommissioned aircraft, our memorabilia is the perfect way to show your love for aviation and to bring a piece of aviation history into your home or office.

Finally, our aviation photography services offer a unique perspective on the world of flight, capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of aircraft both in flight and on the ground. Whether you're looking for stunning images for your home or office or a client seeking high-quality photography for your aircraft or aviation-related business, our skilled photographer has the expertise and experience to meet your needs.

At Stittsville Aviation Services, we're passionate about aviation and dedicated to preserving its legacy for future generations. Contact us today to learn more about the services offered.