Current Projects:

Our team is currently helping to restore a 76-year-old Republic RC3 Seabee back to a displayable condition (for now)

Starr Bumble Bee I 1:1 Model

Our team is working to construct a 1:1 scale, Starr Bumble Bee I type aircraft (*Technically* The smallest manned fixed-wing aircraft to ever fly)

Boeing 747-8 Cockpit

We re-building the cockpit section of a Boeing 747-8

Former Projects (Ex. Como Air Harbor Association 1946-1979):

Republic RC-3 Seabee CF-ECV S/N 516 - The Seabee Project

Republic RC3 Seabee (CF-ECV S/N 516)

Stage: Sold

Lockheed Hudson Mk. 5 (Unknown)

Stage: Sold

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