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Stittsville Aviation Services Skyline

Aircraft Prototyping And Research

Reimer XYZFlyer Ultralight Prototype

Stittsville Aviation Services Reimer XYZFlyer Electric Ultralight Prototype
stittsville aviatioserviceskylink side photo

Skylink (G.O.V1) Heavylifter

SkyL1nk (Global Outreach Vehicle) Heavylifter

The SkyLink Heavylifter is a versatile aircraft designed specifically for humanitarian aid and disaster response missions. Its primary goal is to provide rapid and efficient assistance to areas affected by natural disasters, conflict zones, or remote regions with limited infrastructure.

Stittsville Aviation Services StratoHAWK

Based on our goal to design a highly-capable, non-conventional fighter influenced aircraft


Coming soon...

Stittsville Aviation Services Stratohawk
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